Who is Bob Rodgers?

The award winning journalist Bob Rodgers was born in Oregon.  With a short stint in Pittsburgh as a toddler, he finally settled in Oregon.

Rodgers was fascinated by communications at an early age when he received his first radio and later, a Fisher Price walkie talkie.  At the age of 11, he responded to a story in Parade magazine and his comments were singled out for later publication.

As his aspirations and maturity increased, Rodgers later became a freelance writer for Playboy magazine and a disc jockey for 91.9 KRVM.  His radio show ‘9-2 Rocks’ reached as high as number two in the Eugene, Oregon Arbitron ratings.

After working five years in the cellular industry, cutbacks in management left Rodgers unemployed.  He decided to take his passion to the next level and enrolled in college to pursue a degree in advertising and public relations with a minor in Spanish. Years later, Rodgers has been the recipient of a second place Oregon Newspaper Publishers Assocation award for best columnist.

Rodgers has returned to his cellular roots with part time work until he finishes school.  In his free time he rides motorcycles, is a sports zealot and a travel enthusiast.


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